On Monday 4 April the kick of meeting of the "European Regulatory Science on Tobacco: Policy to Reduce implementation lung diseases" project was performed.

This Horizon2020 project aims to monitor and evaluate the overall impact of the implementation of the European Directive on Tobacco Products (TPD) of the European Union (EU) in the context of the ratification of the Framework Convention on Control tobacco (FCTC) WHO at EU level.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To assess the impact psychosocial and behavioral TPD application and implementation of the FCTC, by creating a prospective cohort of adult smokers in six EU countries (Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Spain, in total 6,000 particpants) to evaluate the impact of the FCTC and TPD;
  • Assess support for the implementation of the TPD through secondary data analysis of the Special Eurobarometer on tobacco, a cross-sectional study conducted on 27,000 adults in 28 EU member states before the TPD (2009, 2012 and 2015) with a total of 80,000 participants in the different surveys; and
  • Documenting changes in electronic cigarettes (design, labeling / packaging and chemical composition) before vs. after the TPD