EPACTT Training: Treating Tobacco Dependence

The Hands on training of EPACTT (www.epactt.eu) was conducted in Brussels on the 6th of April 2016. The hands on training focused on tobacco treatment and handling nicotine addiction, including cognitive and behavioral treatment within the form of workshops. The programme included key note presentations on tobacco control, case study presentations, guidelines for smoking cessation among high risk groups & hands on workshops on how to perform smoking cessation in clinical practice.

The audience was EPACTT trainees and ENSP Network members, with a focus on practicing health care professionals from the aforementioned 5 Eastern European Countries. Besides physicians, and as a secondary audience, the training course were attended all categories of personnel working in tobacco cessation centers such as nurses, midwives, psychologists, social workers and pharmacists and other category of staff that assist smokers to quit.